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Hunan user: I believe that Shantui has confidence in Shantui products

Hunan user: I believe that Shantui has confidence in Shantui products

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boss Lin, who is engaged in the construction machinery industry in Changde City, Hunan Province, is in his forties this year, but he has been an "old driver" of bulldozers for 25 years

boss Lin and Shantui bulldozer

bulldozers play a vital role in the construction of roads, railways, airports, water conservancy projects and other projects. For Lin Yun, the efficient and durable mountain bulldozer is a powerful tool for wealth creation that can bring rolling financial resources

when it comes to Shantui bulldozers, boss Lin is like an old friend for many years: "I trust Shantui and have confidence in Shantui products!"

Jieyuan Shantui

because his father was a bulldozer driver, he was influenced from childhood, so that when he grew up, he also devoted himself to the construction machinery industry and drove a bulldozer

Shantui sd16tl bulldozer

"I learned to drive a bulldozer with my father as soon as I learned it. After learning it, I helped others drive a bulldozer myself, and I have driven many brands of bulldozers." Bulldozer is an indispensable role in boss Lin's life

with a certain amount of savings, boss Lin bought two bulldozers of a domestic brand in 2000 and became his own boss. However, with the increase of work volume and intensity, he found that the small horsepower bulldozer in his hand had problems of slow motion and high fuel consumption in operation, which affected the construction efficiency

if you want to do good things, you must sharpen your tools first. In 2013, after many comparisons, boss Lin bought a second-hand Shantui bulldozer. His excellent performance and ultra-high efficiency made him a repeat customer of Shantui bulldozer

"over the years, I have bought nine devices of Shantui, and two of them have been sold after a period of time. The residual value rate of Shantui's second-hand devices is also very high, which is very good." Boss Lin said that at present, he also has Shantui sd16tl bulldozer and DH, and another 17c2 full hydraulic bulldozer equipped with two instruments to measure, record or control a total of seven

quality wins trust, Shantui is recognized

"since I started using Shantui in 2013, I have bought a Shantui bulldozer every year. In 2015, I bought a Shantui sd16tl bulldozer. Although this machine is in manual gear, it is very efficient and easy to drive." Boss Lin said that Shantui sd16tl bulldozer is a super wetland bulldozer, which is customized according to the needs of construction operations in marshes and wetlands. It is an ideal engineering operation machine in soft soil, wetlands, muddy and marshy areas

Shantui sd16tl bulldozer in construction

after years of use and understanding, Shantui's excellent product quality and strength have won his trust and recognition

in 2019, boss Lin bought another dh17c2 bulldozer, which is a fully hydraulic bulldozer with high efficiency, flexible operation and comfortable environment. In particular, this machine has three working modes, which can be selected according to different working conditions, saving oil and efficiency. In addition, the cab is equipped with warm and cold drum air conditioner, radio, USB charger, sunshade and other intimate configurations, which will not feel tired after long-time operation

only when the after-sales service is guaranteed can you buy it with confidence.

boss Lin believes that problems are inevitable when mechanical equipment is used for a long time, so after-sales service is particularly important. After cooperating with Shantui for so many years, Shantui was very satisfied with the timely after-sales service

he said, "I have been cooperating with Shantui for so many years. One of Shantui's test pieces may be broken at the weld. The after-sales service is guaranteed, timely and in place, which saves our customers' worry. We dare to buy it with confidence. As long as we need to buy additional equipment, we immediately think of Shantui, without hesitation!"

with "diamond", you can get "porcelain work"

without diamond, you can't dare to get porcelain work. The bulldozer of Shantui is the "diamond" that boss Lin undertakes and participates in various engineering projects

Shantui bulldozer in construction

"Shantui bulldozer is not only good for me to use, but also good for others to rent." Boss Lin said that over the years, he has used Shantui's equipment to participate in many major engineering projects. In each project construction, Shantui's bulldozer has completed the task efficiently and perfectly with the advantages of safety, reliability, strong power and so on, and has won the unanimous recognition and praise of customers

"over the years, Shantui has been outstanding in terms of technology research and development, product stability, fuel consumption, and after-sales service. Many bulldozer owners I know have replaced other domestic brands with Shantui. Now Shantui bulldozers can be seen everywhere in the local construction sites, large and small." Boss Lin said

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