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Use "Internet +" to reshape the industry pattern

use "Internet +" to reshape the industry pattern

June 29, 2015

[China paint information] on June 24, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, which adopted the "guidance on" Internet + "action, deployed and promoted" Internet + "action, and promoted the formation of new momentum of economic development. It is worth noting that this meeting proposed to use "Internet +" to boost the economy to maintain medium and high-speed growth and move towards the medium and high-end level. The author believes that this raises the role of interconnection in the development of the national economy to a new level, and also puts forward higher requirements for the accelerated integration of the real economy and interconnection

as the third generation of industrial revolution, traditional industries are gradually being penetrated by the Internet, prompting the industry to carry out new structural adjustment. Enterprises that cannot keep up with the rapid growth of Internet development compared with 2012 will eventually be eliminated. The "industrial manufacturing 2025" and the "interconnection +" action guidance issued by the State Council prospectively proposed to promote the development of the real economy through interconnection. Chemical enterprise contact is the general trend. How to take advantage of the Internet Dongfeng? Turkey implements the cabinet system headed by the prime minister, which is worth thinking about by every chemical enterprise

it is undeniable that although the Internet is increasingly profoundly affecting and changing our lives, how to integrate the Internet with traditional manufacturing, and then boost economic growth with the help of the Internet, is a new topic. Many chemical enterprises are indeed accelerating their embrace of interconnection, and their strategic planning is also called interconnection, but they fail to really recognize the great potential of interconnection; Some chemical enterprises still don't know how to get in close contact with the Internet, resulting in no access

then, how to build an "Internet +" chemical industry? Some chemical enterprises believe that the "Internet +" at this stage is e-commerce. Enterprises can "wait for the wind" when they build the station and connect it to the e-commerce platform. We should not continue to contribute new momentum to the construction of "one belt and one road", and the development of interconnection is booming. Traditional industries use Internet to transform and improve production efficiency. Its connotation and value far exceed e-commerce itself. It can not only promote economic linkage development, but also create a new paradigm of "Internet +" cross-border; Even in terms of building a mature and efficient e-commerce platform, chemical enterprises still have a long way to go

first, we should have Internet thinking, break the boundaries between online and offline, and strive to build a business model with high-quality and complementary online and offline

user demand is the core of "interconnection +". Taking products as a breakthrough, designing personalized and high-quality products and providing users with a good consumption experience is the most basic and key step for chemical enterprises to implement "interconnection +". In this regard, chemical enterprises should get rid of the traditional single business model, establish an all channel sales method covering online and offline, and realize the seamless connection between online payment and offline experience; At the same time, by using the Internet platform, producers and consumers can understand each other, so as to more accurately locate demand and improve service quality

second, it should be combined with industry 4.0 to realize the sustainable development of modern industry with the characteristics of digitalization, intellectualization, greening and virtualization

new information technologies such as "cloud computing", "IOT" and "big data" should be used to establish data monitoring from raw materials, transportation, production, storage and other links, and integrate the production data of each link, so as to realize the traceability chain from raw materials to consumption throughout the life cycle, and provide support for the development of industrial intelligence; By integrating market information, keep abreast of market trends and reflect them in a timely manner; Innovate credit products and services

driven by the wave of interconnection, the chemical industry will undergo great changes with the trend of informatization and industrial intelligent manufacturing. In the future, the production field of chemical enterprises will gradually realize automation and intelligence, and its industrial focus will also shift from heavy assets such as production equipment to light assets such as downstream e-commerce, customer service, big data services, mobile Internet, and Internet finance. Through the integration of Internet, providing personalized point-to-point services and building a service system with more accurate positioning needs and improving service quality as the core will become the focus of the industry. In addition, in areas such as reducing intermediate links and human resource costs, expanding product sales, studying and judging the market situation, improving brand awareness, and improving capital utilization, watering for more than a week "Internet +" will also highlight its unique advantages

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