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Users are the core of enterprise development. Haona intelligent devices have proved with action that in the past two years, intelligent devices have been integrated with traditional jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and watches. In addition to the functions of specific traditional jewelry, because of their more refined, scientific, functional and convenient "intelligence", intelligent devices have a higher and higher position in the market and have great development prospects. In the face of this emerging market with great prospects for improving the safety of cyclists, many high-tech R & D enterprises, with unprecedented enthusiasm for wearable smart devices, have rushed into this industry. However, under the continuous waves of the market, many wearable smart device brands have faded out of people's sight because of their low user recognition, but also many brands have won more and more user recognition in the market. Among them, Haona, a brand that has manufactured intelligent devices for many years, is such an enterprise

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only by integrating users can we really understand users

I believe many enterprises know that only by deeply understanding users can we better and targeted update products, which is an important step to win user recognition and open up the market situation. In this regard, haona, who knows the importance of user recognition, takes "understanding users" as one of the core strategies of the enterprise. In order to comprehensively collect the user experience and understand the extensive needs of users, haona has established physical service points in various parts of the country and more than 1000 professional technicians to answer questions and respond to needs. Through the collection of a large number of user opinions, it has laid a solid foundation for haona to fully meet and understand the needs of users. In order to ensure that the enterprise gets a good reputation from users and realize continuous communication with users, haona provides users with the service of "experience before purchase", so that users can experience it personally, implement the understanding of users, and adhere to the enterprise strategic principle of "understanding users". Finally, in order to further deepen the communication with users, haona also continues to name various activities or organize community public welfare services. Through the actual actions of the enterprise, it has greatly increased the brand influence of haona, and at the same time, it has truly integrated into users and understood users. It is precisely because of this that haona has been loved by many users, and it has even been recommended as a "consumer trusted product" in Jiangxi Province

to meet users, we should first meet the basic quality needs

at the same time, through our understanding of users, haona also knows that if we want to achieve long-term development in the market, it is not enough to only understand users, but also to meet the needs of users by taking continuous innovation and research and development as the center. At the same time of innovation, haona also found through market research that many enterprises tend to ignore the most essential quality problems in innovation, resulting in systematic problems such as functional conflicts in innovative products, which seriously affects users' recognition of enterprises and products. In order to avoid this problem, ensure the quality of haona and improve user recognition, haona has brought "meeting users" into the enterprise strategy in "understanding users". And put it into action, set up a superb technology research and development team, and use the understanding of market users to carry out targeted technological innovation. In order to make haona's innovative technological achievements have quality transformation, the enterprise has introduced advanced technology and equipment and strict examination. Facing the double extrusion of rising cost rigidity and falling metal prices, the core standard is set according to the setting key. Through standardization and standardization, the innovative technology is efficiently transformed and the high quality of products is guaranteed. Because of the attention of haona users, haona has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and become an international quality system certification enterprise with solid technical strength. Through the enterprise spirit of "exploring and innovating for development and continuous improvement and perfection", haona divides the square of a=f by 250 times d to make quality and innovation coexist, so that it can open up the market and develop steadily

in R & D, all intelligent device enterprises should take the actual needs of users as the core and meet the needs as the essence. This is also the key to the steady development of smart device brand haona

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