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Use LabVIEW and PXI to test the video and audio of automatic Blu ray players

"in order to develop a more flexible and reliable test system, we designed a test system based on Ni PXI hardware and LabVIEW graphical programming software, which shortened the required development time of programs with excellent chemical corrosion resistance." – Koh Chee lit, Sony EMCS


develop a reliable, fully automatic and cost-effective test system for Blu ray player products to shorten quality inspection time


use NI LabVIEW and PXI modular instruments, including high-speed digitizer, image acquisition module, dynamic signal acquisition module and a multi-functional data acquisition module, to meet the performance and quality requirements within the budget. At the same time, the accuracy of humidity measurement in the environmental experiment box is controlled. Most of the humidity measurement adopts the dry and wet bulb method to improve the data throughput by 33%

Blu ray disc (BD) is the next generation optical disc format for recording, rewriting and playback of HD video. In order to make Blu ray disc products produced by different suppliers have unified quality, Blu ray Disc Association (BDA) has formulated equipment specifications and compliance test procedures. We use LabVIEW and PXI modular instruments to create an automatic diagnostic test program for Blu ray players that meets these specifications, and use this program to achieve reliable, automatic and cost-effective testing of Blu ray players

test limitations of using traditional systems

our previous test system included a computer and an oscilloscope controlled by GPIB. We encountered some limitations when using this old equipment. The oscilloscope has only four channels and cannot test multiple outputs of the Blu ray player at the same time. Therefore, we integrated a switch in the system, which led to an increase in working time. We also need to establish parallel test stations to meet our daily production goals, which will make the equipment cost higher

use PXI and LabVIEW to develop new systems

in order to develop a more flexible and reliable test system, we designed a test system based on Ni PXI hardware and LabVIEW graphical programming software, which shortened the required program development time

we perform device identification through RS232 interface and RJ45 Ethernet port, which can also be used for PXI embedded controller in new system running under Windows operating system. The system can also detect USB devices connected to device under test (DUT). When we use LabVIEW programming, we combine the resource dynamic button and infrared (IR) remote detection function that will not only reduce the shipbuilding consumption, but also the self-renewal hull

for video testing, we use a high-resolution Ni digitizer to measure composite video signals, including white level, color synchronization amplitude and synchronization pulse amplitude. Each captured video image will be displayed on the user interface for visual inspection by the operator. This PXI based solution also allows us to measure video component (y, Pb, PR) signals in the same system

in addition, we used an 8-channel Ni dynamic signal acquisition module with 24 bit resolution to measure the 7+1 channel audio output signal, and also used LabVIEW to measure and analyze the peak to peak value and root mean square (RMS) voltage and signal frequency of all 8 channels. The additional signals of Blu ray disc products in the Japanese market, such as d-terminal signal and control voltage amplitude, can be measured using the analog input of data acquisition equipment. The system saves data records for the test results of each tested equipment for data sharing and tracking

Blu ray player diagnostic test man-machine interface

for the external hardware of the system, we use digital i/o modules to provide automatic control for the tested equipment, and use a solenoid valve and cylinder to develop a custom control box to control video and audio jacks, HDMI and USB connectors, Ethernet ports, and power supplies connected to each tested equipment. We also use a solid-state relay to control the AC input to the tested equipment. Using this system, the operator only needs to press a key on the keyboard to connect all ports on the tested equipment to the test station, and the system also provides fault diagnosis

future development

using LabVIEW and PXI, we have greatly shortened the testing time of Blu ray players. Using the new Blu ray Disc diagnostic test kit, we can simultaneously measure multiple audio and video outputs, Ethernet and USB ports, and some other components such as cooling fans. The new quality testing system minimizes the testing time to meet the increasing production goals, and can run continuously and reliably 24 hours a day, which also improves our production efficiency. We are using Ni TestStand test management software to update the current test system, so as to further improve our test time, improve the efficiency of data recording of software reinstallation, and provide complete user satisfaction. This Ni solution, which provides low-cost consumption and ready-made components, can help users meet changing testing needs and efficiently release new products

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