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Win in the competition by using innovative packaging

in the past five years, lactic acid bacteria beverage has grown rapidly in the Thai dairy market. There is no doubt that the market share has been divided by several giants, such as Dutch dairy cattle, fisland and Nestle, all of which have invested heavily in market development

the remarkable feature of this market is the emergence of a large number of "slim" paper packaging, which is conducive to weight loss and dieting. In the initial stage, the establishment of market image focuses on teenagers and adults, and in the later stage, the focus is on the children's market

in October 1998, ABI company, which originally used Lvy as its trademark to occupy 100% of the fruit sweat market, announced its entry into the field of lactic acid beverages, which surprised market participants

market saturation leads to stagnation of growth, which leads to economic recession. Abby company is completely new to the market. Under such a situation, how to break through the siege and get vitality

strategic focus

instead of advertising, Lvy focuses on expanding its product line. The specific strategies are:

● develop new formulas and tastes, especially aroma and improve the content of fruit juice

● introduce a new packaging form, that is, CB6 200 ml (net content 180 ml)

● through the modern packaging design of high-quality measuring tools and the gravure printing process of Kangmei bag, the shock absorption performance and durability have also been greatly improved, strengthening the image connection with 100% fruit juice packaging

in order to further attract consumers to taste Lvy lactic acid bacteria beverage, the company has set a popular price, which has led customers to purchase under the attack of the sales staff's good words, and set up a large number of trial drinking points in the urban commercial center. Therefore, ABI has obtained attractive free gifts by means of perfect distribution network, dynamic product brochures, purchase coupons, etc., supplemented by TV advertisements, and quickly covered the consumer market

confirm market orientation

in eight months, ABI has defeated almost all its competitors. In the first quarter of 1999, the plastic packaging industry will show three major development trends in the future: plastic packaging will become green. According to the statistical report, Lvy has occupied 21.5% of the market share

in order to confirm the success factors of such progress, the company conducted a special study on the core group of lactate drinking women aged 16 to 20

studies have confirmed that l leveraged vy produced by other companies focuses on unique product formulas (fruit taste and aroma) and adopts different packaging forms. This is a special box type, with neat appearance design and tantalizing appetite. These features have established Lvy's excellent product image in the minds of consumers

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