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[user said] there is no limit to temporary service. The general manager visits in person, and users can't buy it

[user said] there is no limit to temporary service. The general manager visits in person, and users can't buy it

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Zhang Chunqi, team leader of a Cement Co., Ltd. in Changsha

"not long ago, Wen Degang, general manager of Shandong Lingong, personally visited us to understand the use of loaders and asked us what requirements we have for after-sales service." Referring to Wen Degang, the general manager of the temporary project, Zhang Chunqi was still excited, "in fact, we are not a big user, but we used five loaders of the temporary project. Their general managers came to know the situation in person and specially gave δ= (p/f) *cos a this kind of care really moved us. "

Zhang Chunqi is the team leader of a Cement Co., Ltd. in Changsha. He came to the current company in 2012 and is responsible for equipment management. It was in this year that the cement company began to use temporary loaders, and since then, all their loaders have been unified as temporary brands. "I have been driving loaders for more than 20 years, and I have driven loaders of all brands. I feel that temporary loaders are flexible, efficient and reliable, which are very suitable for our production conditions. In particular, the company is gradually turning to the production of commercial concrete, as well as the sales, loading and loading of stones, which is more needed. Therefore, after I came here, I suggested the company to use temporary loaders using the food packaging film produced by the new brand of iquide XP, The company also adopted my opinion. " Zhang Chunqi recalled the scene at that time

it should be said that the cement company initially chose the temporary loader because it valued the performance advantages of the equipment itself, and the after-sales service is definitely the key factor for the two sides to maintain in-depth cooperation. According to Zhang Chunqi, few manufacturers can provide timely service, let alone active service, after the general loader is out of warranty. However, temporary work is different. No matter whether the loader is out of warranty or not, the service personnel will come to have a look, check and do maintenance from time to time. "In previous years, the temporary service staff not only provided services for the temporary loader, but also helped us check and repair several other brand loaders. The company boss was also moved by the temporary service and decided to use the temporary brand for all subsequent loaders. Plus the one l955 just mentioned this year, now we have a total of five temporary loaders, and all other brand loaders have been eliminated." Talking about temporary service, Zhang Chunqi sighed, "if there is a problem with the equipment, the temporary service personnel will arrive at us in less than 2 hours and deal with it in time. With such thoughtful service guarantee, we can use the temporary loader at ease, which also ensures the efficient operation of our company."

in 2017, the demand for concrete in Changsha is picking up, and the output of cement companies is also growing steadily. "We are building a new 10 point key mixing station for high-performance aerospace and industrial parts, and adding two concrete production lines. It is estimated that the output this year will exceed 300000 m3." In this regard, Zhang Chunqi continued, "with the increase of mixing stations, loaders must also be increased accordingly. It is estimated that we will also increase loaders, and the brand must only choose temporary work."

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