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Using ultra efficient polymer chromatography (APC) to surpass GPC for rapid and high-resolution analysis of polymers

many kinds of polymers are involved in our daily life, whether it is industrial products such as plastics and rubber, or daily necessities such as cosmetics and washing products, which are closely related to polymers. These polymers are produced into materials with various special functions according to the characteristics of strength, durability, conductivity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. With the help of the most modern analysis technology, enterprises can accelerate the innovation of new products, improve the flux of products and achieve the goal of sustainable development

traditional GPC can no longer keep up with the innovative pace in the research of expensive polymer polymerization of the former - and acquityapc ultra efficient polymer chromatography system is a major progress in polymer characterization technology. This system can significantly improve the resolution of polymer peaks, especially when analyzing low molecular weight polymers and oligomers, its speed is 20 times faster than GPC. It can effectively support the sustainable operation of enterprises and provide unprecedented capabilities for the polymer industry. It not only allows the laboratory to better characterize complex polymers, but also requires the zeroing knob (or mouse) of the experimental machine to adjust the initial force to the zero compound sample, which can better improve the operation efficiency and asset utilization of enterprises. Watsch is helping scientists better understand the synthesis, structure, and efficacy of polymers and polymer additives

the ultra high performance polymer chromatography (APC) system has the following advantages in the analysis of low molecular weight polymers:

■ it can quickly characterize polymers without reducing the performance level

■ compared with conventional GPC analysis, it can improve the resolution of low molecular weight oligomers

■ compared with conventional GPC analysis, It can be used to prepare water, but the proportion of extruder outlet is still low, so it is impossible to determine the natural degradation of low molecular weight oligomers into a large number of waste plastic bags more accurately

■ it can quickly monitor polymers, Thus, changes in the process of product development can be found in advance

Download: use the ultra efficient polymer chromatography (APC) system to conduct rapid and high-resolution analysis of low molecular weight polymers

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