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"Enthusiasts" must not miss the good play! AI international day and developer day were first set up at the 2019 world AI conference. The Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology newly announced more than 10 characteristic activities during the world AI conference, including the ceremony of the sail award, AI international day, AI Developer Day, AI Legal Security Seminar, AI young scientist talent high-end dialogue, etc. among them, AI international day and AI Developer Day are both set up for the first time

six days later, the 2019 world AI conference will officially kick off in Shanghai. With the approaching of the conference, a series of diverse and rich plate activity schedules such as the main forum, theme forum, industry forum, innovative application exhibition and intelligent experience of the conference have been announced one after another. Today, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology announced more than 10 special activities during the conference, including the ceremony of the sail award, AI international day, AI Developer Day, AI Legal Security Seminar, AI young scientist talent high-end dialogue, etc. among them, AI international day and AI Developer Day are both established for the first time to jointly create an AI innovation ecosystem

want to see the live shows of the world's most cutting-edge AI technology, such as Microsoft Xiaobing, FESTO in Germany, and TEO piano robot in Italy? Want to personally experience the most fresh, cool and interesting AI technology? Just come to AI international day. In the series of activities of the international day, AI flash Festival 4. Heat treatment: the heat treatment of the sample blank should be carried out in an environment with uniform temperature. The live scene of China will present the fresh application of AI technology in an immersive stage performance. The on-site audience can travel around the world of AI and deeply experience the application of science and technology such as image recognition, machine in-depth learning, human-computer interaction, aerodynamics, bioelectricity, and so on. Each performance lasts about 60 minutes. The on-site scientific researchers will also explain the principles of science and technology in simple terms, so that the audience can harvest full dry goods on the basis of real experience

want to know how top developers all over the world compete with each other? Want to witness the wonderful moments of intelligent workshop, intelligent waste classification and application development of pepper humanoid robot? This conference is dedicated to AI developers on the "Ai Developer Day", which innovatively sets up 36 hour hacker marathon, 4 developer clinic interactive areas to speed up product upgrading, 6 speech units and other links, creating a development feast for exclusive geeks. At the event site, well-known enterprises such as NVIDIA, Baidu, Huawei and Alibaba, which have attracted the attention of developers, will have a demo interactive experience and answer questions on site

the encounter with cutting-edge technology is always dazzling. In the "Ai Developer Day" activity, the on-site audience can feel how the open source deep learning platform paddlepaddle can make the world cooler and life warmer through the industry, but once there is destructive practice; Understand why Apache Flink, the next generation big data computing engine, can support both stream processing and batch processing; You can also play deep learning through the small and high-energy NVIDIA smart car jetbot. At the same time, baidu in-depth learning senior R & D engineers, Alibaba senior product managers and many other front-line development "big cows" will visit the developer clinic in person to exchange development experience and answer questions and doubts with developers face-to-face

in addition to these interesting and interesting on-site shows and developers' Day activities on tall, one of the featured activities is the "global AI alliance high-end dialogue", which brings together a group of world-famous university presidents and deans of AI colleges to carry out high-end dialogues; AI high end dialogue on young scientists and talents promotes the training of young talents by establishing a youth talent alliance and launching a youth learning plan; The two activities of rule of law and security discussion focused on the legal construction of artificial intelligence and showed the world China's plan for artificial intelligence governance; The Smart City Summit will discuss how artificial intelligence can promote the development and progress of cities. In addition, the sail award will select four AI development achievements representing the world's first-class level to show the latest AI technologies and applications; Ai+ art appreciation experience will show the combination of new technologies such as artificial intelligence with music, dance and drama

during the conference, many achievements will also be released at special activities, such as the centralized release of various AI initiatives, including the release of the Shanghai guidelines for AI security and the rule of law, the AI urban ecosystem initiative, etc; Launch the oil source cabinet for the universal experiment of mechanics for college teaching of young talents: the organic combination of hydraulic source and Piano table cabinet will be launched in the "class a plan", and the first batch of students will make a collective appearance; The top ten excellent papers on AI security will also be announced on the "Ai security high end dialogue"

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