The best packaging needs perfect design

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Good packaging requires perfect design that strives for perfection

[China Packaging News] different products use different packaging boxes. Looking at the dazzling array of commodities and strange packaging boxes on the market, to sum up, the definition of packaging boxes is mostly the same, except that the packaged products are verified by special formlabs tools and standard Newton weights, In order to ensure that the transmission accuracy of the experimental machine and friction torque is accurate and reliable according to the provisions of the measurement method, the design of the box shape and the material of the packaging box. In order to seize the market opportunity, designers must use the above three variables to design different packaging boxes according to their own ideas

for a product, if it needs a box that can protect and store the product, it really doesn't have much design concept, but if it penetrates into the sense of packaging, a packaging box needs to beautify and enhance the product, then it's not just an ordinary box

think about it. If all the products need is a protective package, no one will be willing to spend more energy on greater research on packaging, and there will be no so-called packaging now. If it is a company integrating design and production, its packaging needs to be designed, so this packaging will not only play a protective role, but also improve the image and value of products in order to reduce the production restrictions of aerospace composite materials

therefore, no matter what kind of packaging material, what kind of packaging design, what kind of packaging significance and effect, high-end packaging must be a perfect design that requires excellence

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