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Your best partner for important applications - XTX

Yanyang technology, the main manufacturer of industrial PC, launched the latest XTX (ETX expansion technology expected to 2020) module. The appearance of xtx-915 improves the XTX product line. XTX module and ETX rev 2.7 compatible, but not the pin head of the second connector. This high-end XTX module uses the serial port technology on the second connector to replace the ISA interface on the ETX module with the binding of SATA and PCI Express. Xtx-915 improves serial port technology for customers who do not need ISA interface

Wanhua has broken through the whole industry chain products and technical bottlenecks of ADI, which is the key raw material for aircraft, advanced automobile and ship coatings.

xtx-915 is equipped with Intel socket 478 based Pentium m/Celeron m processor and 200 pin DDR II 400/533 sodimm, which can support 2GB of system memory at most. Xtx-915 has been put on the research agenda of the automotive industry. Intel 915gme + ich6-m chipset is used to reduce power consumption and improve performance. Xtx-915 also has the feature of providing enough expansion interfaces. Xtx-915 has four PCI Express [X1], four 32-bit PCI, one LPC bus, one SM bus and one I2C interface. These expansion ports provide convenience for transportation and other vertical applications, which is very perfect for every patient

"xtx-915 is not the first XTX module of Yanyang technology, but it combines stable performance and price. Xtx-915 not only adopts the latest processor, but also stability is an important factor. It is characterized by high reliability and low power consumption. As for com express or ETX module, xtx-915 is suitable for your carrier board, saving the cost of redesigning the carrier board, and upgrading the system immediately if it meets your requirements." Yanyang technology embedded computer product manager commented

the display of xtx-915 combines Intel 915gme chipset and shared system memory with a maximum of 128MB. Support crt/lcd synchronization/dual display and LCD interface 18 Bit dual channel LVDS. In addition, xtx-915 uses an sdvo interface to expand the display function. The rich i/os on xtx-915 is undoubtedly the biggest benefit of this new XTX module. It has 2 PATA, 4 SATA, 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port and 6 USB2.0 interfaces. In short, if you are looking for an economical solution for your application, such as mobile devices, GPS, measuring devices, transportation or other systems, xtx-915 is your best choice. For more product information, please visit:

about Yanyang

Yanyang Technology (aaeon) was founded in 1992. At the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly focused on the single board computer market. In 1994, Yanyang established its own research and development team. In 1999, it was officially issued on the OTC stock market in Taiwan. In 2000, in order to integrate market strength, it acquired astech Technology Co., Ltd. and officially stepped into the field of LCD computers. At present, our products include embedded single board computers, liquid crystal tablets, medical tablets, industrial computers, industrial chassis, integrated workstations, industrial liquid crystal displays, firewalls and related accessories

Yanyang Technology Group has branches or offices in global markets such as the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. In 2003, in response to the needs of the mainland market, it successively set up branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, and set up production and maintenance bases in Suzhou Industrial Park, aiming to provide the best services to customers in the mainland! For more detailed information about Yanyang products, please go to Yanyang technology station

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